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Matt Scherhag

Financial Planner

Matt has been working in the financial services industry for over 15 years and is a member of the Financial Advice Association Australia. He holds a Masters in Financial Planning and was recognised with an award for academic excellence by Griffith University where he has since been engaged to teach the next generation of financial advisors. Matt also has a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, Diploma of Financial Planning and has specialist accreditation in Margin Lending and Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Matt works with a select number of clients to deliver a premium service, ensuring his clients receive expert guidance and have the confidence to make important decisions about their financial future.

Marri Elliott

Financial Planner

Marri Elliott is a highly experienced advisor with expertise in retirement planning, investment, and personal protection. She has worked in the financial services industry for over a decade and worked previously as an attorney specialising in commercial transactions and finance law. Marri holds specialist accreditations in both Aged Care and SMSF. She believes in building a sincere connection with her clients and is passionate about helping them to achieve true financial security.

“My clients are the heart of my financial advice practice and their well-being and peace of mind is my genuine priority. I work to make the complex simple by breaking down each individual’s situation to find the best path forward for their personal situation.”

Dan Nadal

Financial Planner

Dan is originally from England and built a managerial and banking background in the UK before emigrating to Australia in 2009, where he now calls Queensland home.

Dan graduated from the University of Reading in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts and has continued his pursuit of knowledge; completing his Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and specialist accreditations in both Margin Lending and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. 

Dan specialises in retirement planning, superannuation, investment, and personal insurance advice.

With over a decade of dedicated service in the Australian financial services industry, Dan possesses a wealth of experience and a passion for demystifying complex financial concepts.

“I believe that the key to high quality advice starts and ends with my clients. Taking the time and care to fully understand their family, finances and what is important to them allows us to build a trusted and genuine relationship. I can then leverage my skills and experience to guide my clients on their journey to their best financial future.”

Tien Pham

Insurance Adviser

Tien has over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry and brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Having worked across all areas of financial planning, Tien’s journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to client success. 

Specialising in life insurance, retirement planning, and investments, Tien’s passion lies in forming meaningful connections with clients and empowering them to achieve their financial aspirations. 

Tien’s approach is grounded in transparency and empathy by truly listening to clients’ needs and understanding their unique circumstances to craft tailored solutions that align with their goals and aspirations. 

Whether it’s safeguarding a family’s future through life insurance or charting a roadmap for retirement, Tien’s guidance is always personalised and attentive. 

“I find great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped my clients and providing them with peace of mind that they’re being looked after”.


Justine Long

Practice Manager

Justine is the Practice Manager at Blue Tree Financial Planning and has worked in the financial services industry for 14 years. She has specialised in financial advice for the last 9 years. Justine works with the team to ensure that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and finding the most efficient way to accomplish our client’s goals. She provides leadership, training and support to our team with a focus on change management and compliance.

Pamela Laws

Client Services Manager

Pamela is a Client Services Manager, she brings 20 years of experience in client services to Blue Tree Financial Planning, along with supporting our Financial Planners she excels in maintaining ongoing client relationships and ensuring their needs are met. Whether it’s managing portfolios, addressing inquiries, or enhancing client experiences, Pamela is dedicated to delivering exceptional service.
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Natalia Costa Porcel

Client Services Manager

Natalia is a Client Services Manager With 7 years of industry expertise, she works closely with our Financial Planners and specialises in implementing innovative advice strategies that help to improve our client’s financial futures.

Streamlining processes, optimising client experiences, or managing workflows Natalia fosters strong relationships across our internal and external teams ensuring that our clients onboarding, and implementation of new advice is handled with accuracy and care.

Kathy Gail

Senior Insurance Specialist

Kathy is the Senior Insurance Specialist at Blue Tree Financial Planning, she has been working in the Insurance industry for over 35 years. Kathy works closely with our clients to ensure they are supported, especially in times of need.

Kathy helps our clients with claim requests, insurance adjustments, annual renewals and is passionate about getting the best outcomes for our clients.

Sherilee Black

Sherilee Black

Client Services Officer

Sherilee is the Client Services Officer at Blue Tree Financial Planning. She has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Her passion is helping customers maximise their financial potential. She always endeavours to go above and beyond for clients.

Neha Khanna

Team Leader

Neha is the Team Leader at Blue Tree Financial planning. She has been working and studying in finance since 2012. She has a Bachelor of Commerce with honours in Electronic Commerce and completed her Postgraduate Degree in Master of Commerce in 2017.

Neha also has a Diploma of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning and has specialist accreditation in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

Since starting with Blue Tree Financial Planning Neha has been able to help streamline administrative processes and focus on client research and implementation. She also provides technical leadership to teammates through training and oversees day to day operations of the team.

Neha Khanna
Vaibhav Tanwar

Vaibhav Tanwar

Senior Paraplanner

Vaibhav is the Senior Paraplanner at Blue Tree Financial planning. He has been working and studying in finance since 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Applications and completed his Postgraduate Degree in Master of Business Administration and Applied Finance in 2019. Vaibhav also has a Diploma of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning and has specialist accreditation in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).
He is currently studying for Advanced Diploma of Paraplanning.

Since starting with Blue Tree Financial Planning, Vaibhav has been working on plan development, financial modelling, delivery and ongoing SMART review processes behind our strategy services. He provides quality, compliant and timely advice documents.

Rajat Thakur


Rajat is working as a Paraplanner at Blue Tree Financial Planning. He has been working and studying in finance since 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and completed his Masters in the same field in 2021. Rajat is currently studying for his Advanced Diploma in Paraplanning.

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