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Superannuation Advice

Many people count on their superannuation to cover their financial needs after retirement. It’s prudent to engage an expert for superannuation advice considering the importance of this most important wealth creation tool.

Developing a solid superannuation strategy can help you feel prepared and give you peace of mind for your financial future. We work to ensure your super plan remains optimised even if your circumstances change. 

You don’t have to handle superannuation planning alone if you reach out to us here. Start planning your strategy to handle your super fund now by booking a call with us here. 

Brisbane’s Best Super Advice

We understand that considering your super often gets pushed to the side. You can’t access your super account until you reach your preservation age, after all. However, you can still benefit from super advice, even if you can’t directly utilise the money in the fund right away.

Your super account offers you financial stability after you retire. Therefore, it’s important to manage it properly to encourage wealth creation before you reach retirement age. We provide financial advice for all different types of superannuation including self managed superannuation funds (SMSF).

Facts About Super Funds

We understand the importance of having a plan that allows you to live in comfort after retirement, which is why we provide expert superannuation advice.

Superannuation allows you to set money aside for your future. Employers currently pay 10% of an employee’s salary into their superannuation account. However, this amount will climb to 12% in the future. You can also make personal contributions to your superannuation, it is important to consider your caps on contributions before putting additional funds into your account.

The funds in your super account gets invested, allowing the fund to grow over time and when you reach preservation age, you’re able to access the money and enjoy your retirement. Your super fund is subject to several fees for things like:

  • Administration
  • Investment
  • Insurance premiums
  • Advisor fees

Consider Merging Your Super Funds?

Generally, you get a super account for each job that you hold throughout your life. Dealing with multiple super accounts often becomes confusing and you may end up with your investments scattered. Fortunately, you can deal with this issue by merging your super funds. We can help you with the merger process. Combining your different super funds can help you:

  • Lower fees to manage your accounts
  • Boost your investment power
  • Use compound interest to increase returns on your accounts

Combining your accounts also makes it easier for you to manage your investments. You can look at all the facts about your fund in one place. 

Handle Super Funds Easily

Our team is here to help you manage your funds and help you to make sure that you are taking advantage of the benefits of superannuation. We can also help you to understand if a self managed superannuation fund SMSF is the right option for you. 

Our team understands the process of combining your super accounts and how to locate lost super funds. We can review your current funds and discuss all of your investment options. We focus on maximising your superannuation so that you can have a secure financial future at retirement.

What is Transition to Retirement?

With a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy, you could access some of your super while you’re still working, once you have reached preservation age – the age when you can access your super.

You can start a TTR strategy by opening a TTR Income account alongside your regular super account. This way you could save more leading into retirement, or you could wind back on work while topping up your take-home pay.

Speak To Us for Superannuation Advice

Reach out to Blue Tree Financial Planning to discuss maxamising your superannuation and planning for retirement. We help you get the most out of your retirement. Book a call here now. 

“We understand that everyone is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your financial goals and it all starts with a conversation…​”


Very professional service. Matthew has been (and is) an excellent, supportive and quality financial planner. He is responsive and provides tailored advice to suit my circumstances. I would highly recommend Blue Tree Financial Planning.


Matt Scherhag has been our Financial Planner for quite a few years now and we have always found Matt to be extremely knowledgeable and professional but more importantly someone who really listens to us and is interested in our specific needs. Matt is extremely easy to talk to and always takes the time to go over every detail with us. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Matt.


Matt has always been ready to answer any questions my husband and I have had, and very patiently explains what he's suggesting for us. He is very approachable and never makes us feel foolish when we ask for more information. I strongly advise you to talk to Matt and his capable team to guide your future.


Matthew is a knowledgeable planner who is always looking out for ways for clients to reach their financial goals sooner. He takes the time to find out what is important to the client and then works on a strategy to put this in place as quickly as possible. We would highly recommend Matthew, Sherilee and the whole team to anyone who is looking at getting their finances in order.


I appreciated the very personal approach and the depth of detail that Blue Tree Financial went to, when I started with them last year. I now have a healthy superannuation fund that suits my exact requirements. Even better, the cost of the information I received was more than covered by the savings I made from putting the advice into action.


anyone interested in investment or superannuation plans, I highly recommend BLUE TREE FINANCIAL PLANNING. Matt is very professional and sincere with all the advice that he gives